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Dolly Varden Baseball Jacket


Mustard yellow, Short puff sleeve satin baseball jacket with brown/white ribbed knit trim and snap front honoring the Dolly Vardens.


Long before the All American Girls Professional  Baseball League (1943-1954) immortalized in the movie “A League of their Own”, in 1883 there were two All Female, All Black, PAID baseball teams, both named the PHILADELPHIA DOLLY VARDENS. Though their careers were short, their bravery was great, and we should know their names: Cora Patten, pitcher; Ella Harris, pitcher; Mollie Johnson, first base; Sallie Johnson, second base; Lizzie Waters, third base; Ronda Showell, left field; Agnes Hollingsworth, right field; Ella Johnson, center field; and Ella Thompson, catcher.

Dolly Varden Baseball Jacket
Dolly Varden Baseball Jacket
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