About Us

Who is Keresse?

Baltimore native, New Jersey resident, and self-taught designer, Keresse Dorcely is a wife, mom, fashion designer and songwriter. A teacher by trade, she worked as a music teacher for 11 years before leaving to focus full-time on her brand. With such a busy life, Keresse wanted to dress the woman on the go. Real women like to make bold statements in fashion and feel beautiful while still enjoying the comfort that is required when managing a busy schedule and demanding lifestyle.
Keresse is inspired by 70's fashion. “My line is what I believe the patrons of Studio 54 would wear during the day- or Diana Ross in the carpool line. Real women living real life still want to slay” says designer Keresse. SIX/20 is for the woman who appreciates a functional slay . She believes that comfort is a fashion requirement. You look good when you feel good.

Our Story

Six/20 (formally named Forte's Forte) is a design house birthed out of tragedy. On June 20th, 2014, Keresse gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Forte. He was just too perfect for this world so God called him home. In the midst of her sorrow, Keresse kept having this nagging feeling that she needed to buy a sewing machine. She shrugged it off because she had always loved fashion but didn't know the first thing about sewing or even how to thread a machine! The feeling wouldn't stop so she finally ordered one then let it sit for over a month. On Labor Day more than 2 months after the purchase, a friend came over , saw the machine sitting in the corner, opened the box and showed Keresse how to thread it. That night something came alive in her and she sewed 2 pairs of pants and a dress for her daughter. The rest is history and she's never looked back. Forte is Latin word that means strength or forcefulness. The original name of our company, Forte's Forte, means "Forte's Strength". It was the strength that my son gave me to keep going. We continue to honor Forte with our current branding SIX/20, his birthday. For him, we live strong.